Every holiday is an awkward holiday for single people

…it’s not just Valentine’s Day that single people loathe, it’s every holiday.  Don’t you think that there is a reason that Thanksgiving is the day that most drunk driving accidents occur?  (I’ll give you a hint: People drink when they become depressed/sad.  Single people become depressed/sad on holidays because they don’t have a significant other to share it with, and they have to watch all of the people that do.)

 As much as it sucks seeing images of love everywhere you look on Valentine’s Day, I personally think that Christmas or New Years eve are the most lonely holidays for single people.  Think about it: Most people have days off of work/school for X-mas and New Years, so if they don’t have someone special to hang out with, it can get lonely.  I mean yes, on Christmas you do spend time with your family, but what about after those few hours you spend caroling and eating ham?  You just go home and watch less than par television. 

Then there’s New Year’s Eve.  I don’t think that one needs much explanation.  It’s like when you were in middle school and everybody went to the dances in the gym.  Everyone stood around looking at each other until a slow song came and everyone awkwardly walked to the middle to find someone to dance with, and you were the only one who wasn’t dancing with anyone.  Translation: When you are at a NYE party with a bunch of couples (the dance)… it just sucks when midnight (the slow song) hits.

Although there is one sweet thing about being single during holidays… saving time and money!



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Sorority Stereotypes

Do you ever wonder if sorority girls purposely conform to their stereotypes (w/o admitting it of course)?

sorority girls:

Click here for Funny sorority jokes

**Disclaimer:  This is not meant to offend anyone in any way.  I have friends in sororities, all of whom are great girls.  Also, I did go through rush in the fall, and it just wasn’t for me (partly for the about to be said reasons).  I do not believe that sorority girls buy their friends, but sometimes watching them together is just funny.**

  • First true stereotype: They travel in packs.

I don’t think I could find one person to prove this stereotype otherwise.  Sorority girls go to class together, sit together once they get there, go to the bathroom together, eat together, sleep in one room together in some cases, party together, etc.

Now that’s fine, b/c everyone has their groups of friends they do the most with, but I feel that since sorority girls spend SO much time together, they start to become the same person in a sense, losing their individuality.  You could talk to a sorority girl in class one day, but then when you see her meet up with her ‘sisters’ she warps into a completely different person.

  •  2nd true stereotype: They dress alike

Leggings.Uggs.Letter totes.The North Face.Burberry scarf.Pink Razr phone attached to ear.

Enough Said.

  • 3rd semi-true Stereotype: sorority girls are easy/clingysorority-barbie.jpg

You hear all the stories about sorority girls hoping from bed to bed, or only going to college to get their MRS degree, or any other stories about how girls change once they join a sorority.  I don’t want to judge… but facebook photos I see tell me otherwise.

Now I don’t know how true this is, but it IS a stereotype… and stereotypes tend to stem from truths.  A quote from one of my friends “Being in a sorority is just a girls excuse for being a slut”.


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The addicting world of casinos

I write for The Big Green (see link on right side of page), which is a monthly online magazine for Michigan State students.  My story for the March poker.jpgissue is about gambling amongst college-ages kids.

The reason I want to write this story is because I have been gambling since the start of high school.  I have always been turned on by the workings of cards, and all the different games you could play with them.  That and the fact that my dad is an accountant and is amazing at anything dealing with numbers, AKA gambling, has always made me want to ‘test my skills’.

My first gambling experience came in 9th grade during a euchre tournament I believe, where I came in 2nd place (out of 25 people, all around blackjack.jpgmy parents age), winning around $30.

Soon after, I learned how to play Texas Hold’em… and fell in love with it!  I played with my friends in my basement almost weekly with $5 buy-ins

 ANYWAYS, I recently turned 19, which means I can legally gamble in Canadian casinos.  So a large part of my story for the magazine is about how college kids are addicted to going to casinos.

So I obviously had to go to the casino and get into the gambling world for my story.  😉  

And this is where the addicting part comes in… over my winter break I won just over $1,000 playing blackjack.  I was addicted.  Within two weeks after my break I had probably been to the casino about 4-5 times… winning an additional $700-$800, all in blackjack.  In fact, I went to the casino just last night and won $300.

 The thing I find most interesting is watching college-aged kids come to the casino having absolutely NO CLUE how to play the games.  I have sat next to college kids who are betting $50 a hand (hello textbook money) and hitting on 15 when the dealer has a 6 showing, kids who hit on a pair of Aces instead of splitting them, even kids who are doubling down on 8 when the dealer has a 10 showing!!  At least when I play… I play by the book.

Another interesting thing is that not many girls my age gamble… When I am playing a $5 Texas Hold’em game, I’m usually one of about two girls, if not the only girl.  However, this just makes it feel 10x better when I win and take all of the guys’ money.  🙂

And with being the only girl… and being a girl who knows the rules of most of the games, and gambling correctly, I get many looks and comments from guys around me such as: ‘wow, did your dad teach you how to play?’, ‘you play pretty well for your age’ (aka for being a girl), or my favorite ‘danggg girl, you really know how to play’.

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Rejection Sucks

The feeling of rejection sucks.  I’m not just talking about the rejection people feel rejection.jpgregarding the opposite sex, I’m talking about the rejection people feel in everyday life.  Stuff like having your credit card rejected, getting a bad grade on an exam (esp. one you’ve actually studied for), coming in last place at a golf tournament, not getting to be able to do something you were looking forward too, etc.

I’ve also noticed that you don’t know how much you actually wanted/cared about something until you experience the rejection feeling.  I think it’s a combination of that and the feeling of knowing they didn’t want you/you could have done things differently, or better that makes you think that you wanted it more… when in fact you’d be perfectly fine without it!

Does this make ANY sense?

I don’t know, I guess when you have so many things going for you in life, something HAS to go wrong.

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So… a gay NBA player, what’s the big deal?

john-amaechi.jpg    So, John Amaechi has came out of the closet.  I do not see the big deal in this.  I’m not gay, nor do I have any gay friends, so I guess I wouldn’t personally know the true impact of having famous people come out of the closet. 

    Homosexuality is becoming more and more accepted as time goes on.  There is at least one gay person in almost every field now a days.  NFL: Esera Tuaolo, MLB: Glenn Burke, LPGA: Rosie Jones, Women’s Tennis: Martina Navratilova, anyways, you get the point.

    I guess the ‘coming out’ of Amaechi is a big step for the gay community, but I have to wonder what Amaechi’s intentions were for coming out.  Is it just a coincidence that he has a book coming out on Wednesday about his life?… I think not.

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My issue at the moment: Weight-loss pills

I’ve never had an issue with my weight or anything, but you can’t help but fat-person.jpgsometimes think to yourself ‘I could afford to lose a few pounds’ or ‘I wish I looked as good as she does’ and various other thoughts about your appearance.

Now, with every magazine saying they know the secrets to looking like a model, and how ‘simple’ it is to look the way you want, it’s hard to maintain your self-confidence.

I just read in the New York Times about how the FDA approved the first officially sanctioned weight-loss drug to be sold without a prescription.  The name of this drug is Alli, maybe it was made for me!

 With all of the weight-loss products on the market (that you can buy over the counter), I never realized that none of them were FDA approved.  Then I think of all the people who are so concerned with their appearance, and are taking these various drugs with no real regards to their health! 

 I’m still wary about this new drug, Alli, but also stated in the NY times article, over 60 million people in America, or 31 percent of adults, meet the criteria for obesity!  With that in mind, it is obvious that some form of drug needed to be readily available, because people are always looking for an easy way to lose weight, forget regular exercise!

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Let’s get the ball rolling…

     I’ve never blogged before, but it has always been fascinating to me how people are so interested in reading other people’s thoughts.  So obviously I thought to myself ‘well, my thoughts are just as interesting and important as their thoughts’.  So the obvious solution: create my own blog!

 Let me start by giving you a little background on myself.  I am a sophomore at Michigan State University, where I’m a journalism major.  I grew up in your average upper middle class suburb just outside of Detroit.

I love sports! My absolute favorite sport is golf, I love playing it, talking about it, watching it, and even all the stress it creates.  I also enjoy soccer, basketball (esp. Tayshaun Prince), baseball, hockey, and pretty much all others except football.  And no, the reason I don’t enjoy football has nothing to do with the fact that MSU has a recent history of poor performance at the sport!

 Personality wise, I am very outgoing, energetic, motivated, and friendly.


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