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My issue at the moment: Weight-loss pills

I’ve never had an issue with my weight or anything, but you can’t help but fat-person.jpgsometimes think to yourself ‘I could afford to lose a few pounds’ or ‘I wish I looked as good as she does’ and various other thoughts about your appearance.

Now, with every magazine saying they know the secrets to looking like a model, and how ‘simple’ it is to look the way you want, it’s hard to maintain your self-confidence.

I just read in the New York Times about how the FDA approved the first officially sanctioned weight-loss drug to be sold without a prescription.  The name of this drug is Alli, maybe it was made for me!

 With all of the weight-loss products on the market (that you can buy over the counter), I never realized that none of them were FDA approved.  Then I think of all the people who are so concerned with their appearance, and are taking these various drugs with no real regards to their health! 

 I’m still wary about this new drug, Alli, but also stated in the NY times article, over 60 million people in America, or 31 percent of adults, meet the criteria for obesity!  With that in mind, it is obvious that some form of drug needed to be readily available, because people are always looking for an easy way to lose weight, forget regular exercise!


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