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Freak out time

I like to refer to this point in the semester as ‘freak out time’.  What that means (at least for me) is that during mid-semester, after you find out that you didn’t do so hot on your first exams, you start questioning everything you’re doing in life.

It all started with the 80 percent I got on my JRN108 test, followed by the 78 percent on my ISS test, then the fact that JRN300 is taking over my life, and ending with my 1.5 (whatever percent that is) on my economics test.

So I’m pretty much thinking to myself, ‘you suck at life’.  Although with economics it isn’t so bad b/c the way my teacher does it… if you do better on the 2nd exam (which really shouldn’t be too hard for me) it replaces the 1st exam grade.

   Anyways, back to my original point of when things go wrong academically, you start freaking out, or at least seriously thinking about, other areas of your life as well. 

  This middle of the semester freak out includes:

  • Getting mad at/about the dumbest things, or blowing them way out of proportion.
  •  Just not feeling like doing any more work, because all I can think about is spring break.
  • Wondering/worrying about the random things (especially when it comes to the opposite sex) like ‘does he like me?’, ‘I seriously need to socialize more’, ‘why am I so awkward?’, ‘did I seriously just say that?’, ‘he probably has like 10 girls that want him right now, why am I even trying?’, etc. etc.
  • The fact that I haven’t been excercising, other than walking to class and the daily thumb work out of pushing buttons on the remote.  Also, I haven’t been eating right except for the occassional salad, with french fries on the side of course.

ugh, seriously… spring break, I need you. now.

I guess it’s time to push the pedal to the floor as they say… and maybe try some actual studying for other classes besides my JRN300 class? hmmmm… I’ll let you know how it goes.



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