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Sorority Stereotypes

Do you ever wonder if sorority girls purposely conform to their stereotypes (w/o admitting it of course)?

sorority girls:

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**Disclaimer:  This is not meant to offend anyone in any way.  I have friends in sororities, all of whom are great girls.  Also, I did go through rush in the fall, and it just wasn’t for me (partly for the about to be said reasons).  I do not believe that sorority girls buy their friends, but sometimes watching them together is just funny.**

  • First true stereotype: They travel in packs.

I don’t think I could find one person to prove this stereotype otherwise.  Sorority girls go to class together, sit together once they get there, go to the bathroom together, eat together, sleep in one room together in some cases, party together, etc.

Now that’s fine, b/c everyone has their groups of friends they do the most with, but I feel that since sorority girls spend SO much time together, they start to become the same person in a sense, losing their individuality.  You could talk to a sorority girl in class one day, but then when you see her meet up with her ‘sisters’ she warps into a completely different person.

  •  2nd true stereotype: They dress alike

Leggings.Uggs.Letter totes.The North Face.Burberry scarf.Pink Razr phone attached to ear.

Enough Said.

  • 3rd semi-true Stereotype: sorority girls are easy/clingysorority-barbie.jpg

You hear all the stories about sorority girls hoping from bed to bed, or only going to college to get their MRS degree, or any other stories about how girls change once they join a sorority.  I don’t want to judge… but facebook photos I see tell me otherwise.

Now I don’t know how true this is, but it IS a stereotype… and stereotypes tend to stem from truths.  A quote from one of my friends “Being in a sorority is just a girls excuse for being a slut”.



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