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Wait no longer… Women’s “football” is back in the US

I just finished reading a very good article in the NY Times titled “Another Go at a Women’s League, but Not Going It Alone “ by Jack Bell.  Basically, this article is about how there will once again be a professional women’s soccer league. The Women’s United Soccer Association ended after the 2003 season, depleting their allotted $40 million in seed money — which was supposed to last for five years — in only one season.
This is very exciting for me, as I love soccer. Soccer was my life growing up (this was before I discovered my love for golf), and to this day I love a good competitive game of soccer. Mia Hamm (a former player of the Washington Freedom and US National Team) was my favorite player, as with every other soccer playing pre-teen in the nation. Hanging in brandi-chastain.jpgmy room were numerous posters of
Hamm and other women’s soccer players frozen forever in intense soccer action on my walls.
I remember watching the 1999 Fifa World Cup finals– United States vs. China– with my soccer jersey on with the rest of my soccer team. I also remember twisting my fingers with anticipation and excitement as the game went into a shootout, and screaming and shouting as Brandi Chastain scored the cup winning penalty shot and ran to the middle of the field ripping off her jersey… personally I think that’s the only reason guys knew who the heck won the women’s world cup that year since the pictures of the topless Chastain were all over the place.So when the US decided to discontinue their professional women’s league, I was upset to say the least… especially because women’s soccer was just about the only women’s sport I loved watching (I’d watch women’s soccer over men’s soccer any day).

Once 2008 rolls around, women’s soccer can once again be a part of my daily sports intake. And even though Michigan won’t have a participating team (at least not as of yet), I’m loving it.



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So… a gay NBA player, what’s the big deal?

john-amaechi.jpg    So, John Amaechi has came out of the closet.  I do not see the big deal in this.  I’m not gay, nor do I have any gay friends, so I guess I wouldn’t personally know the true impact of having famous people come out of the closet. 

    Homosexuality is becoming more and more accepted as time goes on.  There is at least one gay person in almost every field now a days.  NFL: Esera Tuaolo, MLB: Glenn Burke, LPGA: Rosie Jones, Women’s Tennis: Martina Navratilova, anyways, you get the point.

    I guess the ‘coming out’ of Amaechi is a big step for the gay community, but I have to wonder what Amaechi’s intentions were for coming out.  Is it just a coincidence that he has a book coming out on Wednesday about his life?… I think not.

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