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Rejection Sucks

The feeling of rejection sucks.  I’m not just talking about the rejection people feel rejection.jpgregarding the opposite sex, I’m talking about the rejection people feel in everyday life.  Stuff like having your credit card rejected, getting a bad grade on an exam (esp. one you’ve actually studied for), coming in last place at a golf tournament, not getting to be able to do something you were looking forward too, etc.

I’ve also noticed that you don’t know how much you actually wanted/cared about something until you experience the rejection feeling.  I think it’s a combination of that and the feeling of knowing they didn’t want you/you could have done things differently, or better that makes you think that you wanted it more… when in fact you’d be perfectly fine without it!

Does this make ANY sense?

I don’t know, I guess when you have so many things going for you in life, something HAS to go wrong.


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