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So… a gay NBA player, what’s the big deal?

john-amaechi.jpg    So, John Amaechi has came out of the closet.  I do not see the big deal in this.  I’m not gay, nor do I have any gay friends, so I guess I wouldn’t personally know the true impact of having famous people come out of the closet. 

    Homosexuality is becoming more and more accepted as time goes on.  There is at least one gay person in almost every field now a days.  NFL: Esera Tuaolo, MLB: Glenn Burke, LPGA: Rosie Jones, Women’s Tennis: Martina Navratilova, anyways, you get the point.

    I guess the ‘coming out’ of Amaechi is a big step for the gay community, but I have to wonder what Amaechi’s intentions were for coming out.  Is it just a coincidence that he has a book coming out on Wednesday about his life?… I think not.


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