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Every holiday is an awkward holiday for single people

…it’s not just Valentine’s Day that single people loathe, it’s every holiday.  Don’t you think that there is a reason that Thanksgiving is the day that most drunk driving accidents occur?  (I’ll give you a hint: People drink when they become depressed/sad.  Single people become depressed/sad on holidays because they don’t have a significant other to share it with, and they have to watch all of the people that do.)

 As much as it sucks seeing images of love everywhere you look on Valentine’s Day, I personally think that Christmas or New Years eve are the most lonely holidays for single people.  Think about it: Most people have days off of work/school for X-mas and New Years, so if they don’t have someone special to hang out with, it can get lonely.  I mean yes, on Christmas you do spend time with your family, but what about after those few hours you spend caroling and eating ham?  You just go home and watch less than par television. 

Then there’s New Year’s Eve.  I don’t think that one needs much explanation.  It’s like when you were in middle school and everybody went to the dances in the gym.  Everyone stood around looking at each other until a slow song came and everyone awkwardly walked to the middle to find someone to dance with, and you were the only one who wasn’t dancing with anyone.  Translation: When you are at a NYE party with a bunch of couples (the dance)… it just sucks when midnight (the slow song) hits.

Although there is one sweet thing about being single during holidays… saving time and money!



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