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ADDerall… now over the counter!

And by over the counter… I mean from student to student.  Hey, our generation isn’t called Generation Rx for nothing.  When I Googled ‘adderall’ under the ‘news’ tab, I noticed that every result came from a college newspaper (Duke, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Loyola Chicago, etc.)

Click here to see an editorial by a person who experimented with Adderall.

It’s finals time again, and that means only one thing…. STUDY DRUGS FOR ALL!

  • Library for 10+ hours- check
  • 300/400 pages read- check
  • one term paper completed- check
  • Crashing hard after the study aid wears off- check
  • Stomach ache– check

As much as I am a supporter for maintaining your 4.0 GPA through honest hard work… modern medicine amazes me.  I know more people who have experimented with Adderall, and medications like it, than people who haven’t… and personally, I don’t think that’s a good thing.

As I’m sure everyone either knows or has heard, Adderall is as easy to buy as Red Bull.  I guarantee you can find someonadderall.jpge to buy it for as little as $5 within 3 phone calls to friends.  Once you pop in a study drug like Adderall (from what I hear at least) you can say goodbye to a night of shot-gunning Red Bulls and Monsters, popping caffeine pills, shots of espresso every hour or so, and not remembering anything you are studying because the only thing you’re concentrating on is how tired you are.

Adderall has become such a common thing for college students to have… people are starting to forget its original purpose… its always been meant for chronic procrastinators who have one night to research for/write their 30 pg. term paper, right?



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The addicting world of casinos

I write for The Big Green (see link on right side of page), which is a monthly online magazine for Michigan State students.  My story for the March poker.jpgissue is about gambling amongst college-ages kids.

The reason I want to write this story is because I have been gambling since the start of high school.  I have always been turned on by the workings of cards, and all the different games you could play with them.  That and the fact that my dad is an accountant and is amazing at anything dealing with numbers, AKA gambling, has always made me want to ‘test my skills’.

My first gambling experience came in 9th grade during a euchre tournament I believe, where I came in 2nd place (out of 25 people, all around blackjack.jpgmy parents age), winning around $30.

Soon after, I learned how to play Texas Hold’em… and fell in love with it!  I played with my friends in my basement almost weekly with $5 buy-ins

 ANYWAYS, I recently turned 19, which means I can legally gamble in Canadian casinos.  So a large part of my story for the magazine is about how college kids are addicted to going to casinos.

So I obviously had to go to the casino and get into the gambling world for my story.  😉  

And this is where the addicting part comes in… over my winter break I won just over $1,000 playing blackjack.  I was addicted.  Within two weeks after my break I had probably been to the casino about 4-5 times… winning an additional $700-$800, all in blackjack.  In fact, I went to the casino just last night and won $300.

 The thing I find most interesting is watching college-aged kids come to the casino having absolutely NO CLUE how to play the games.  I have sat next to college kids who are betting $50 a hand (hello textbook money) and hitting on 15 when the dealer has a 6 showing, kids who hit on a pair of Aces instead of splitting them, even kids who are doubling down on 8 when the dealer has a 10 showing!!  At least when I play… I play by the book.

Another interesting thing is that not many girls my age gamble… When I am playing a $5 Texas Hold’em game, I’m usually one of about two girls, if not the only girl.  However, this just makes it feel 10x better when I win and take all of the guys’ money.  🙂

And with being the only girl… and being a girl who knows the rules of most of the games, and gambling correctly, I get many looks and comments from guys around me such as: ‘wow, did your dad teach you how to play?’, ‘you play pretty well for your age’ (aka for being a girl), or my favorite ‘danggg girl, you really know how to play’.

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