ADDerall… now over the counter!

And by over the counter… I mean from student to student.  Hey, our generation isn’t called Generation Rx for nothing.  When I Googled ‘adderall’ under the ‘news’ tab, I noticed that every result came from a college newspaper (Duke, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Loyola Chicago, etc.)

Click here to see an editorial by a person who experimented with Adderall.

It’s finals time again, and that means only one thing…. STUDY DRUGS FOR ALL!

  • Library for 10+ hours- check
  • 300/400 pages read- check
  • one term paper completed- check
  • Crashing hard after the study aid wears off- check
  • Stomach ache– check

As much as I am a supporter for maintaining your 4.0 GPA through honest hard work… modern medicine amazes me.  I know more people who have experimented with Adderall, and medications like it, than people who haven’t… and personally, I don’t think that’s a good thing.

As I’m sure everyone either knows or has heard, Adderall is as easy to buy as Red Bull.  I guarantee you can find someonadderall.jpge to buy it for as little as $5 within 3 phone calls to friends.  Once you pop in a study drug like Adderall (from what I hear at least) you can say goodbye to a night of shot-gunning Red Bulls and Monsters, popping caffeine pills, shots of espresso every hour or so, and not remembering anything you are studying because the only thing you’re concentrating on is how tired you are.

Adderall has become such a common thing for college students to have… people are starting to forget its original purpose… its always been meant for chronic procrastinators who have one night to research for/write their 30 pg. term paper, right?



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33 responses to “ADDerall… now over the counter!

  1. I have never taken Adderall or any other drug to help with studies, but I can see why students use it. Of course, if students didn’t procrastinate, they wouldn’t resort to stupid ideas to get their studying done.

    Guitar Hero doesn’t suck.

  2. I agree that taking any sorts of drgs not meant for you is not only stupid, but dangerous… but nonetheless, it’s everywhere on college campuses.

    *and the day students stop procrastinateing is the day pigs fly.*

  3. The drug is completely different if you actually have AD/HD. For me, there’s too much noise in my head and adderall is the only thing that quiets it. Perhaps that editorial writer, La Porte, was embellishing a bit in his description of becoming fixated on individual blades of grass when he first took adderall. It’s not a hallucinogen.

  4. Gleb

    Helps me get A s. No stomach ache or anything.

  5. student

    i have taken adderall many times and it has worked out very well for me. i kno many people who have taken it without having add/adhd and it works for all of them too. i also think that many more college students have add/adhd and dont do anything about it, but my prediction is that much more college students are going to show up with prescriptions for adderall in the future because of all the commotion about it. it can be habit forming though so just remember to keep in mind that the drug is nit supposed to be used to get a high.


    What up?

    I attend Unv of Texas @ Austin. I buy my Adderall 10 mg from an old pharmacy on South Congress Ave. I score 180 pills with No Scrip! Cost me 62. for Generic for this GenXR. But man, when I stop taking it after cramming down all those medical books; I crash for about 14 hours, then feel depressed until i take another one.

    Peace out


  7. Floroskop

    I think this try.

  8. Z

    adderall is great i have adhd but i havent been prescribed yet (still getting tested or some shit) damn when the work piles up i pop a couple of these bad boys and then i pass school its awesome…but i only take it when needed not to get high although smoking pot on it gets you so ripped lol but also try Vyvanse…so much stronger than adderall it feels like you’re on E if you take more than one lol

  9. XRtaker

    I take it whenever i can. Adderall helps me pass school and focus on things i normally can’t. Good drug, not a bad one.

  10. tired

    i took one this morning and studied for about 15 hours straight. i have insomnia if i take it too late in the day though. i don’t think it should be prescription. there are cheaper things to get high off of. if you use adderall to get a high, go huff a paint can so the responsible non-abusers can get our studies done.

  11. unitedwelay1

    I went to an incredibly difficult college and never used any “study aids”. I worked hard, studied hard, and played a lot less than most college students. I guess you have to sacrifice something, but wouldn’t you rather it be a little bit of your social life rather than the risk of destroying your youth and vitality with a litany of pills?

  12. UGATrevor

    Check out this new stuff – PROFIDERALL. It is supposed to be like an OTC Adderall:

  13. Stacey

    I have used adderall in college to study. It was a life saver. I couldn’t study ahead of time because of too many extracurriculars. It helped me focus, stay awake, and I found that I could memorize faster due to the better focus. I think using it every now and then is not at all bad for your health.

  14. If you take the time to read reviews “Adderllin”
    Easily has the most and best reviews out there without question.

  15. kayla

    where can i buy adderal ive been searching everywhere someone please let me in

  16. אנונימי

    I don’t get why all the fuss is about , sure you have side effects
    but guess what , half of america used to be on that stuff before it got super restricted. and what works works.

    if abusing adderall gets students more interested in cramping , why the fuck do we have to torture ourselves about putting it over the fucking counter for everyone already?
    or at least prescribing it more honestly.

  17. T

    you niggas be hilarious….all on methamphetamine and shit hahaha…

  18. Patrik Eichelberger

    i need some now, and i don’t want to get a prescription for it.
    let me know if u got some. in Toronto!!!

  19. Check out the this new OTC adderall called ADDTabz. FDA approved and safe. Haven’t tried them yet but ordered a bottle to test it out. Found em here:

  20. AddieUp, been taking them for months now with no side effects, 4 stimulants plus the nootropics, nootropics I used before but alone they don’t do much like most of the other ones I have tried. Addieup does it for me.

  21. I agree with fankle. they don’t call me the otc adderall guy for nothin. it’s my life’s passion to track and research this stuff. AddieUp is just a superior product to anything else out there-period.

  22. Recently the people I bought Adderall from got into heavier stuff so I’ve distanced myself from them. Since then I can’t find any. But I’ve tried stuff like Focus Factor, Profiderall, and other real OTC stuff. But I can’t say I’m happy. Profiderall comes slightly close but I just don’t enjoy how it makes me feel. I’m not all that focused on Profiderall and it gives me a spaced out feeling. I don’t know why so many god awful supplements are allowed OTC and something like Adderall is not. I mean in low dosages I believe Adderall is far safer than some of these other stimulants. Take caffeine for example which can cause an unfocused nervous jittery energy. Too much coffee in one day can actually cause psychosis. But that’s easily found over the counter in drinks, pills, and coffee. Then you have multi-supplements like Focus Factor which is total and utter crap and Profiderall that gives you a spaced out dumb feeling with a jittery high. I wish that Adderall could be sold in stores at least in small dosages over the counter. There’s nothing like it.

  23. Elaine G

    Adderall is not that great. I mean it makes you study like a b****h, but you really don’t feel like doing anything physical. Even the stuff that used to exite me doesn’t exite me (like music) any longer. Okay if you are going to cram for a test, but if you work in sales, which I do (on the days I don’t go to my cc) its like you don’t want to interact with the clients.

    Maybe a lower dose is in order

    Sometimes I take an otc supplement called Huperzine A. It doesn’t help much with the study. I could only hope it is cumulative, but at least I feel like doing my other more creative stuff

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  25. I have found that addtabz work really great as an over the counter adderall alternative. You should check them out if you are looking for something similar to adderall.

  26. I have tried Doxiderol, which is now well known adderall alternative. It contains all the high quality natural ingredients like Bacopa, Vinpocetine etc..

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