U of M will always be big contenders in the ‘Not Important Tournament’

Soooo, The University of Michigan fired their men’s basketball coach.  I’d include the fired coach’s name in this post, but I never took the time to learn it.

Does UofM seriously think that hiring a new coach is going to improve their chances of getting a spot in the NCAA tournament next year, seeing as how they lost in the beginning rounds of the NIT (Not Important Tournament) this season?…  That is like saying that just because MSU fired their football coach, John L. Smith (the only reason I learned his name is because I go to MSU so I pretty much had to), that they will play in a bowl game higher than the Motor City bowl.

Face it…basketball will always be MSU’s sport and football will always be UofM’s sport (at least until Ohio State comes and beats them up repeatedly, physically and emotionally).


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