Sorority Stereotypes

Do you ever wonder if sorority girls purposely conform to their stereotypes (w/o admitting it of course)?

sorority girls:

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**Disclaimer:  This is not meant to offend anyone in any way.  I have friends in sororities, all of whom are great girls.  Also, I did go through rush in the fall, and it just wasn’t for me (partly for the about to be said reasons).  I do not believe that sorority girls buy their friends, but sometimes watching them together is just funny.**

  • First true stereotype: They travel in packs.

I don’t think I could find one person to prove this stereotype otherwise.  Sorority girls go to class together, sit together once they get there, go to the bathroom together, eat together, sleep in one room together in some cases, party together, etc.

Now that’s fine, b/c everyone has their groups of friends they do the most with, but I feel that since sorority girls spend SO much time together, they start to become the same person in a sense, losing their individuality.  You could talk to a sorority girl in class one day, but then when you see her meet up with her ‘sisters’ she warps into a completely different person.

  •  2nd true stereotype: They dress alike

Leggings.Uggs.Letter totes.The North Face.Burberry scarf.Pink Razr phone attached to ear.

Enough Said.

  • 3rd semi-true Stereotype: sorority girls are easy/clingysorority-barbie.jpg

You hear all the stories about sorority girls hoping from bed to bed, or only going to college to get their MRS degree, or any other stories about how girls change once they join a sorority.  I don’t want to judge… but facebook photos I see tell me otherwise.

Now I don’t know how true this is, but it IS a stereotype… and stereotypes tend to stem from truths.  A quote from one of my friends “Being in a sorority is just a girls excuse for being a slut”.



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19 responses to “Sorority Stereotypes

  1. Sorority Girl

    I think it depends on what college you go to. I have heard a lot of bigger well-known colleges in the south have people who are raised to be greek.
    The school I attend in Virginia is not your typical greek life. We are normal laid back people. I am not your ‘typical’ sorority girl, neither is my sorority, nor other greeks on campus. We don’t fit that average greek image of ditzy dumb blondes sorority girls and stereotypical football jock fraternity men.
    The first school I went to, I would never imagine joining a sorority because they were all the same types of people. Blonde, tan, and ditzy with daddy’s credit cards. But then I transfered to my new school and I can’t imagine life without my sorority. It’s a huge commuter school, and I’ve met some of the best, nicest, well-rounded kids I’ve ever met in my life (I’ve lived in two different countries) through greek life.
    Of course you have a few people here and there that DO fit a stereotypical greek image, but 90% of the greeks here do not fall into that catagory. So, to my defense, I know that just because someone is not in a greek organization with letters on their chest is not this stereotype everyone catagorizes them under.
    And for those stereotypes you listed saying we travel in packs- all girls do that!! haven’t you noticed all girls go to the bathroom together? Not just sorority girls..
    And that we wear burberry and coach– I don’t have a single one of those. I pay for my own things, I can’t afford $500 for a purse. Nor do I own a single thing that you listed as one of your things a ‘sorority girl’ owns.
    My sisters are majoring in physics, biology, dental hygiene, cytotechnogoly, pre-med, english, and even criminal justice. We’re involved in many top honor socities, ROTC, Crew, the Sailing Team, We’re not majoring in our “MRS.” degree.
    We bust our butts to maintain a positive image on campus and nationally. 2 years ago, all the sororities on campus banned socials from a certain fraternity for an entire semester because they had a swimsuit model calender. We refuse to have socials with fraternities that have titles which belittle women such as “Golf pros and Tennis hoes.” We don’t drink 24 hours (even a glass of wine) before or after ceremonies, where at other colleges I’ve heard they drink right before it and right after.
    The greeks here consistantly have a higher GPA Average than non-greeks. We donate thousands and thousands of dollars every semester to philanthropies.

    I know that there is a ton of negative perspectives on greek life. And I can see how some of you can draw your conclusions with how certain sororities or fraternities act. But, why don’t you take in consideration some of the smaller schools where greek life isn’t like that? Where those ‘sorosititutues’ and ‘fraternity jocks’ are that aren’t complete ditzes and jocks? Where we actually care more about our GPA’s than how much money is on daddy’s credit cards?

  2. Layne

    The image of the sorority or the fraternity at the particular larger college that I attend is not so much the blonde ditz etc, but more honed in on a large “I’m so much better than thou” philosophy. Most of these rich girls hail from the East Coast and aren’t afraid to remind you that the Midwest, well, sucks. Maybe we, at larger schools, feel this way because we have to interact with more of these girls on a daily basis. Also, there is a difference I think between live-in sororities and others such as community service or degree-oriented sororities. Generally, live-in sororities tend to generate a greater stigma for their behavior, as the concentration of girls with similar mindsets, often fashions, perpetuate a group image more so than sororities that meet outside of their living arrangements on behalf of the principles of service or to advance their career pathways. I agree that a lot of sororities aren’t necessarily stereotypes, but according to the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of a stereotype does not exactly reflect truth, “Stereotype: A preconceived and oversimplified idea of the characteristics which typify a person, situation, etc.; an attitude based on such a preconception.”

    PS- The correct spelling is “consistently”.

  3. Jennifer

    This is silly because you are taking traits common to most/ all college students and applying them directly to a specific group of people. I am in a sorority and there are a some who fit parts of the stereotype and then there are those (a majority) who do not!
    I myself do not fit any of them for example:
    I have lots of friends outside of sorority who I hang out with alot but my two best friends are girls in my sorority.
    I rarely party and when I do I dont get crazy and pass out at random houses.
    I am also doing well in school, making the Dean’s list and plan to attend law school when I graduate. I have been dating my boyfriend since highschool so therefore I am not here to sleep with “frat” guys or any other.
    I am also paying for college and my sorority dues all by myself. There are lots of people in college who have their parents pay for their education and it is definitely not only people in sororities.
    Just think about the positive things I mean the only people I know of in college who spend their time volunteering are in greek life or other campus organizations…..
    sorry this is long and not very cohesive I just dont feel like spell checking or rewording so have fun Deciphering what I wrote !!

  4. Christine

    I think it depends on where you go to college. I am in a sorority and we on my campus there are 2 sorority chapters and 2 fraternity chapters. We are SMALL so most of do not fit into the typical sorority figure. On our campus the girls that do fit that image are mostly the women in sports. At least in my chapter of only 25 to 30 girls 95% of us are on the deans list. Not for fluffy majors either, we have pre-med, pre-vet, pharmacy etc… all of which are very hard subjects to be studying. I will agree, that yes some of these tales prob stem from some truth, but to ball all greek life together under some tale that happens at a huge school is not fair.
    U.S. Presidents Who Are/Were Fraternity Members
    George Bush William McKinley
    Ronald Reagan Benjamin Harrison
    Gerald Ford Grover Cleveland
    John F. Kennedy Chester Arthur
    Dwight D. Eisenhower James Garfield
    Harry Truman Rutherford B. Hayes
    Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin Pierce
    Calvin Coolidge Martin Van Buren
    Warren G. Harding James Polk
    Woodrow Wilson John Quincy Adams
    William Howard Taft Thomas Jefferson
    Theodore Roosevelt John Adams

    In addition, 17 U.S. vice presidents were fraternity members.
    Famous Fraternity Members and Famous Sorority Members…
    Neil Armstrong, astronaut and author
    Maya Angelo, poet and author
    Dr. Benjamin Spock, pediatrician
    Ruth Badar-Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice
    Derek Bok, president, Harvard University Ingrid Bergman, actress
    Tom Bradley, past Mayor of Los Angeles
    Pearl Buck, author
    William Brennan, Supreme Court Justice
    Carol Burnett, actress
    Bill Cosby, comedian, author
    Lynne Cheney, Chairperson of Ntl
    David Dinkins, past Mayor of New York City Elizabeth Dole, CEO, American Red Cross
    Malcom Forbes, Chairman, Forbes Magazine Marlo Thomas, actress, author
    Harrison Ford, actor
    Roberta Flack, singer, Endowment for Humanities
    Henry Ford II, former chairman, Ford Motor Company
    Phyllis George, actress
    George Gallup, opinion researcher
    Star Jones, talk show host
    Frank Gifford, ABC sportscaster
    Goldie Hawn, actress
    Lee Iacocca, President, Chrysler
    Kate Jackson, actress
    John Jakes, author
    Nancy Kassenbaum, political leader
    Daniel Krumm, CEO, Maytag Corporation
    Patti Labelle, singer
    David Letterman, television show host
    Carol Lawrence, actress
    Vincent Price, actor
    Cloris Leachman, actress
    Orville Redenbacker, popcorn king
    Joan Lunden, actress
    Wally Schirrs, astronaut
    Ann Margaret, actress
    Mike Schmidt, baseball player
    Sandra Day O’Conner, Supreme Court Justice
    Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel, singers
    Jane Pauley, newscaster
    Mark Spitz, Olympic swimming champion
    Pat Schroeder, Senator
    Peter Ueberroth, baseball
    Gail Sheehay, author
    Kurt Vonnegut, author
    Dinah Shore, actress
    Tom Watson, professional golfer
    Maxine Waters, House of Reps
    Douglas Wilder, past Governor of Virginia Terry Utley, 1982 Miss America
    Michael Jordan, basketball player
    Dionne Warwick, singer
    Stan Jones, talk show host
    Joanne Woodward, actress
    Jesse Jackson, chair, Rainbow Coalition Georgia O’Keaffe, artist

    Just to name some….
    So even if Greek Life isn’t for everybody, don’t discourage your friends or family from being Greek, for me it was one of the best things that could of ever happened to me.

  5. Renna

    Carrie Underwood, singer
    Tri-Sigma Alumni

    Sigma <3,

  6. Natalie

    I really think Greek life is stereotyped. I myself came to college with ideas in my head and no intention of ever setting foot in a frat house or talking to a girl with letters on her shirt. But then I realized how many of the girls I really enjoyed spending time with are in the sorority I am now pledging. We don’t spend hours thinking up how to be ditzy. We’re girls who are a family, we love and respect each other, and are there for each other at any time of the day or night. I love my girls, and when I become a sister, they will truly be my family.

  7. I am a sorority girl… and I am NONE of the above… I pledged last fall and ACTUALLY my sisters are the most individual and diverse group of girl you could find. We come from all walks of life, different races, different religions, different classes, different morals… so HOW could we all be the same? I don’t wear Uggs, I have no razor phone, and I would never compromise my individuality… neither would any of my sisters. Do you have siblings of your own? Because if you do you probably lived/live with them… that doesn’t make you the same does it…
    Your “observations” are based on myths. SOMETIMES girls conform… but that doesn’t mean that all sorority girls are like that… there are ALWAYS going to be people that fit stereotypes. That gives you no right to dismiss the way everyone else who maintains individuality thinks.
    Your “research” is ridiculous and I really hope this was a joke… I don’t know what sororities are like around you but where I come from it is NOTHING like that…
    My sisters range from innocent church going girls, to rebellious urban girls like me… and we all love each other very much because we’ve gone through hell together.
    Girls in sororities (EVERY sorority I know at least and I know plenty I’m very involved in the greek system) come from all different walks of life, religions creeds backgrounds and come together for a common cause and call each other FAMILY and EMBRACE INDIVIDUALITY. Sororities do so much good work for the communities they come from and raise money for things like AIDS foundations, child abuse foundations, etc. Sororities are representations of the idea that everyone is related everyone is family in end. That’s a Greek belief and that’s where it came from so before you go dismissing sororities and fraternities like that you need to reevaluate and ACTUALLY do some research talking to real sorority girls… girls from different sororities, maybe different schools.
    Grow up a little and don’t be so ignorant… you’re probably missing out on alot with that mindset…
    Just because you don’t have to pledge and just because you don’t have crests, or emblems, or other insignia doesn’t make your GROUP of friends that you may hang out with any different from a sorority or frat… you came together because you have common interests and maybe even goals but you all bring something different to the table.
    To put an end to my little response here I really just think you need to reevaluate before you decide to insult people and you need to do some ACTUAL research…

  8. Didn’t mean to come off insulting, to each their own, greek life isn’t for everyone.
    But its a blessing in my life and in many other’s lives and if you took the time to really research and learn (as Christine showed) you’d see most sorority girls go against the typical stereotypes and are actually upstanding, hardworking, intelligent women. =)

  9. ahatfie2

    I’m in a sorority. I’m a blonde, but I’m not dumb. I do spend a lot of time with my sisters, but I have plenty of friends outside of my chapter. My best friend isn’t even in my chapter. We do party, but we are never out of control because that would give our chapter a bad name. We respect each other and everyone else. We’re a family.

    I don’t own a northface, or uggs, and I’ve only worn leggings probably twice in my life. My parents are helping me pay for school. Is that a crime? I thought parents were there to help you.

    Also, I don’t know one single sorority girl who is a slut. Actually, someone got kicked out of our chapter for acting like one. I DO know plenty of regular college girls who ARE, though. 🙂 There IS no excuse for being a slut, good thing we don’t need one.

    I think you should take the time to get to know more than just the greeks at your school because if that’s how they act, they shouldn’t be called greeks. That’s not what we stand for, and they’re giving us a bad name.

  10. Jacqueline

    I am in a sorority at a large school–but greek life only makes up 10% of our schools population. Fraternities have smaller numbers, but sorority life is rapidly growing. I really grow frustrated with people who are unaffiliated using common NEGATIVE traits and characteristics of the students on campus to describe greek life. I have seen unaffiliated students pass out and vomit in public at football games (in fact, i’ve only seen unaffiliated students do this). I’ve also seen greek’s have “CEO’s and office Ho’s”/”golf pros, tennis hos”, etc. mixers–but I’ve seen this occur on a weekly basis with unaffiliated students–and their outfits are much more “whore-ish” than that of sorority girls (probably because sorority girls have to watch their reputations–because people want to bash everything bad they do). I understand that there are a lot of clique-y girls in greek life. There will always be girls that go overboard in obsessing over their status and affiliation with a sorority. However, when a school is big enough–it really doesn’t matter if you are in a greek organization or not–everyone has similar behavior except for the 10-20% of student’s that don’t drink or have to work to pay for school or whatever (nowadays more people go to school, don’t work, take out loans, etc.)…when you’re in a greek organization–it’s just giving someone a name to associate behavior with–even though they may have just had a one night stand and they want to put the attention on someone else–they can use the other organization (by saying “damn, those ZTA’s are definitely slutty bitches”, or “Easy DZ”, or “DOG gamma”, “nothing goes down quicker than a “or “GRABBA GRABBA DONUT”, or “zits tits and ass”, etc…) to make themselves feel better. Sororities and Fraternities are MUCH more than parties–they have to keep a charter, they have to manage finances, they have chapter meetings, they hold philanthropic events, etc. They do party–but so does everyone else. It would be nice if everyone would stop feeling threatened and pressured, and started feeling good about themselves.

  11. Hmmm.

    It sounds like you were rejected.

  12. dane

    apparently another thing that should be added to the list is that they enjoy posting essays for comments.

  13. nate

    lmao @ dane, i agree with you 100%.

    I think the main reason why people hate or bash on frats and sororities is because these organizations usually act like they are the best thing that ever walked the earth. It’s cool to be proud of your group or organization but they take it too far. For example, the other day I was talking to a sorority chick at one of the local bars (I didn’t know she was in a sorority) and we where definetly having fun. We hung out for about an hour when she asked what frat me and my friends were in (because I was at the bar with a couple of friends). I told her none because frats were really not for me yet I didn’t have a problem with them. Then LOL she basiclly got up, walked away and left with her sorority sisters without saying a word. COLD LOL. I knew she was in a sorority because her friends had shirts on that said alpha phi. At the end of the day we all go to the same college/university so I don’t know whats the problem with not being in a frat is. Maybe her sorority sisters tell her that she can only be with frat dudes. I don’t know….just my two cents.

  14. Felicity

    I used to agree that sorority girls were all about partying and sleeping around. Then my roommate–a super religious, never drinks, and vowed to wait until marriage to have sex girl–joined. She’s a nursing major, has a 3.8 GPA, holds a position, volunteers 5 hours every week at a children’s hospital, and does countless other things. She rarely misses any sorority mixer or philanthropy event. In one word, she is AMAZING.
    It’s because of her that I joined my sorority.
    Sororities don’t accept girls that do not have goals and potential. We’re classy ladies that work hard; our sisters help us achieve our goals. We give back to the community. We’re just like everyone else except held to higher standards.
    Please stop judging us until you take the time to meet us. I think you’ll see we’re not like the stereotypes.

  15. FutureGreekGirl

    I think you’ve got your facts wrong.
    first off there are a LOT of smart sorority girls out there. Second, my brothers girlfriend is in a sorority.. she’s not a slut, she’s smart, and she doesnt wear designer anything really. Theres a lot of girls (most) that are in sororities and dont match your description. And by the way. . in most sororities if you dont have a good GPA it gets a bad reputation for the house and they kick you out. So i really think you’ve got some hard feelings maaybe because you got kicked out or rejected? i don’t know but really girl get your facts straight before posting this..

  16. Every sorority girl is exactly how you described.

    God damn, for reals this is a load of shit. I found this looking for a sorority girl’s favorite type of sandwich.


    p.s. old internets bump bump bump

  17. I understand that there are a lot of clique-y girls in greek life. There will always be girls that go overboard in obsessing over their status and affiliation with a sorority.

  18. и всё эе: неподражаемо!!

  19. Super Blog, Mate! I am constantly on the prowl for new and interesting sites and info about speaker systems… which is what led me here. I certainly plan on visiting again! See Ya

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