ADDerall… now over the counter!

And by over the counter… I mean from student to student.  Hey, our generation isn’t called Generation Rx for nothing.  When I Googled ‘adderall’ under the ‘news’ tab, I noticed that every result came from a college newspaper (Duke, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Loyola Chicago, etc.)

Click here to see an editorial by a person who experimented with Adderall.

It’s finals time again, and that means only one thing…. STUDY DRUGS FOR ALL!

  • Library for 10+ hours- check
  • 300/400 pages read- check
  • one term paper completed- check
  • Crashing hard after the study aid wears off- check
  • Stomach ache– check

As much as I am a supporter for maintaining your 4.0 GPA through honest hard work… modern medicine amazes me.  I know more people who have experimented with Adderall, and medications like it, than people who haven’t… and personally, I don’t think that’s a good thing.

As I’m sure everyone either knows or has heard, Adderall is as easy to buy as Red Bull.  I guarantee you can find someonadderall.jpge to buy it for as little as $5 within 3 phone calls to friends.  Once you pop in a study drug like Adderall (from what I hear at least) you can say goodbye to a night of shot-gunning Red Bulls and Monsters, popping caffeine pills, shots of espresso every hour or so, and not remembering anything you are studying because the only thing you’re concentrating on is how tired you are.

Adderall has become such a common thing for college students to have… people are starting to forget its original purpose… its always been meant for chronic procrastinators who have one night to research for/write their 30 pg. term paper, right?



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Wait no longer… Women’s “football” is back in the US

I just finished reading a very good article in the NY Times titled “Another Go at a Women’s League, but Not Going It Alone “ by Jack Bell.  Basically, this article is about how there will once again be a professional women’s soccer league. The Women’s United Soccer Association ended after the 2003 season, depleting their allotted $40 million in seed money — which was supposed to last for five years — in only one season.
This is very exciting for me, as I love soccer. Soccer was my life growing up (this was before I discovered my love for golf), and to this day I love a good competitive game of soccer. Mia Hamm (a former player of the Washington Freedom and US National Team) was my favorite player, as with every other soccer playing pre-teen in the nation. Hanging in brandi-chastain.jpgmy room were numerous posters of
Hamm and other women’s soccer players frozen forever in intense soccer action on my walls.
I remember watching the 1999 Fifa World Cup finals– United States vs. China– with my soccer jersey on with the rest of my soccer team. I also remember twisting my fingers with anticipation and excitement as the game went into a shootout, and screaming and shouting as Brandi Chastain scored the cup winning penalty shot and ran to the middle of the field ripping off her jersey… personally I think that’s the only reason guys knew who the heck won the women’s world cup that year since the pictures of the topless Chastain were all over the place.So when the US decided to discontinue their professional women’s league, I was upset to say the least… especially because women’s soccer was just about the only women’s sport I loved watching (I’d watch women’s soccer over men’s soccer any day).

Once 2008 rolls around, women’s soccer can once again be a part of my daily sports intake. And even though Michigan won’t have a participating team (at least not as of yet), I’m loving it.


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Campus Etiquette… part 2

I’ve been MIA lately, but here is the promised sequel to one of my previous posts titled ‘campus etiquette’classroom etiquette!

  1.  When you are one of the first to arrive to class… DO NOT sit in an aisle seat.  As much as you may like a butt/crotch in your face, as the room fills up and people have to climb over you to get to their seat, it’s annoying.  **I must admit however, I am a common violator of this rule… I can’t help it, I love the aisle.**
  2. Class is for many things, attendance points, pop quizzes, and occasionally classroom.jpgeven learning.  But one thing class is not for is socializing.  If I make the effort to roll out of bed early, brush my teeth, maybe, just MAYBE even put together an outfit that is somewhat presentable, and walk to class… I want to actually learn the material being presented.  Because after all, who knows when I’ll have enough motivation to make it to this class again.  The people who are always talking in class, disturbing all those around them, are usually girls.  These girls are usually talking to people that they spend endless amounts of time with anyways… so why does accounting class seem to always be the perfect time to talk about how drunk you were last night?!
  3. Number three is related to number two…. but number two was getting too long.  When in class socializing, do NOT ask the most ignorant questions possible.  This also includes people that only go to class about once a month.  Not only will you piss off the prof. but also the students that take the time to attend the class (and pay attention) every time.  Ignorant questions include, but are not limited to:     – “I missed last class, did we do anything important?”     -“Will this be on the test”    -(and for the sorority sisters who spent the last 10 minutes trash talking all their other ‘sisters’) -“Could you repeat that?”      -(and for those who dicked around for the first half of the semester and are now realizing that your grade is in fact screwed) “Is there extra credit in this class?”
  4. When there is an exam, or a pop quiz, or anything that goes on where the entire room is quiet, think about what your doing before you open and begin eating what could possibly the loudest food on earth (think chips, pretzels, cereal, etc…).  Seriously, you can wait.
  5. Here is a really big pet peeve of mine: saving a seat for someone, or even worse yet, saving more than one seat for people.  When someone is saving more than one seat… go far away, because that is a sure sign that they are the ‘socializers’ as previously discussed in rule #2.  Anyways, I can see saving a seat if you have arrived really early to a class… but I think after class has been in session for at LEAST 5 minutes, and the person is still not there, that seat is fair game for anyone.
  6. Finally, the last rule (for now).  If you plan on leaving class early, for any reason… sit in the back.  This kind of correlates to rule #1.  Not only does getting up and making everyone move their stuff so you can leave disturb the people in your aisle, but it distracts everyone in the class… because everyone starts looking around the room to see who is making the noise.

**If you have anything else to add, feel free to share.


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U of M will always be big contenders in the ‘Not Important Tournament’

Soooo, The University of Michigan fired their men’s basketball coach.  I’d include the fired coach’s name in this post, but I never took the time to learn it.

Does UofM seriously think that hiring a new coach is going to improve their chances of getting a spot in the NCAA tournament next year, seeing as how they lost in the beginning rounds of the NIT (Not Important Tournament) this season?…  That is like saying that just because MSU fired their football coach, John L. Smith (the only reason I learned his name is because I go to MSU so I pretty much had to), that they will play in a bowl game higher than the Motor City bowl.

Face it…basketball will always be MSU’s sport and football will always be UofM’s sport (at least until Ohio State comes and beats them up repeatedly, physically and emotionally).

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I’m a narcissist

Ok, so I’m not really that narcisstic… but according to a recent article in my school’s newspaper, vanity among college students is on the rise.  For those who are completely lost with my post right now because you don’t know what narcisissm is, here is the definition according to

1. inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.

Now, back to the point…  I have noticed that with all of the shows on television like America’s Next Top Model, The Academy, and pretty much every reality show right now, it is basically just a bunch of pretty people talking about how pretty they are.

On campus, there are groups of *unnamed* people that always seems to be competing with each other to be the most beautiful.  These people always think they are gorgeous because they have spent their whole life being told how ‘special’ and ‘wonderful’ they are by their parents and close friends.  Think about it… how many girls do you know that complain about themselves just to hear people oppose them and tell them how great they are.

Now, it’s not only being self-obsessed with one’s beauty that qualifies them as a narcissist… we can put self proclaimed genius’s on the list too.  We all know who I’m talking about, the ‘I’ve studied abroad seven times and just finished my 11th prestigious internship’ people.  I’m pretty sure that these ‘genius’s’ are lacking in other areas of their life… maybe things like an actual life.  Also, half the time these people are lying about their accomplishments anyways to make themselves feel superior.

Being a narcissist can also be a good thing, although it needs to be in moderate doses or people will start talking behind your back.  Expressing confidence and love for ones self is what helps people reach goals and maintain a happy outlook.

‘ugh, I’m so fat’…. c’mon people, tell me I’m not! 

Shameless plug: The March issue of the online magazine I write for came out a couple of weeks ago… here is a link to my article, so read it!

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Freak out time

I like to refer to this point in the semester as ‘freak out time’.  What that means (at least for me) is that during mid-semester, after you find out that you didn’t do so hot on your first exams, you start questioning everything you’re doing in life.

It all started with the 80 percent I got on my JRN108 test, followed by the 78 percent on my ISS test, then the fact that JRN300 is taking over my life, and ending with my 1.5 (whatever percent that is) on my economics test.

So I’m pretty much thinking to myself, ‘you suck at life’.  Although with economics it isn’t so bad b/c the way my teacher does it… if you do better on the 2nd exam (which really shouldn’t be too hard for me) it replaces the 1st exam grade.

   Anyways, back to my original point of when things go wrong academically, you start freaking out, or at least seriously thinking about, other areas of your life as well. 

  This middle of the semester freak out includes:

  • Getting mad at/about the dumbest things, or blowing them way out of proportion.
  •  Just not feeling like doing any more work, because all I can think about is spring break.
  • Wondering/worrying about the random things (especially when it comes to the opposite sex) like ‘does he like me?’, ‘I seriously need to socialize more’, ‘why am I so awkward?’, ‘did I seriously just say that?’, ‘he probably has like 10 girls that want him right now, why am I even trying?’, etc. etc.
  • The fact that I haven’t been excercising, other than walking to class and the daily thumb work out of pushing buttons on the remote.  Also, I haven’t been eating right except for the occassional salad, with french fries on the side of course.

ugh, seriously… spring break, I need you. now.

I guess it’s time to push the pedal to the floor as they say… and maybe try some actual studying for other classes besides my JRN300 class? hmmmm… I’ll let you know how it goes.


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Campus Etiquette

When you are at a college campus, there are certain things that should be universally known about how to act.

We’ll start with the walk to class.

  1. When you are about to get in that awkward situation where you are walking in the same path as someone going the othcrowded-street.jpger way, GO RIGHT.  It’s like driving, you drive on the right side of the road… so when you are walking, you should treat it as a road and stay right.
  2. Everyone walks at a different pace.  During peak walking times on campus (aka, the times between most afternoon classes) there are a lot of people utilizing the sidewalks.  When you are being ‘tailgated’ during the peak times by a fast walker, you have a few options.  One, you could be an ass and slow down to piss the tailgater off because you know that they can’t pass you.  Two, you could be nice and kind of edge towards your right to make a little path for the person to pass you.  Finally there is my personal favorite for when you need a laugh, just stop suddenly so that the tailgater runs into you.
  3. Please walk on the side of the sidewalk that you are plan to turn to.  No one likes the person that is walking on the far right on the sidewalk and suddenly turns left and cuts everyone off.  Now I realize that this would involve walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk, which is why if you are turning left… you should start veering (not 90 degreeing it) to the left of the sidewalk when your turn is coming up. 
  4. The final etiquette that should be observed while walking on campus is that if you are walking with a large group of people (this seems to happen mostly among foreign people and sorority girls) please DO NOT TAKE UP THE ENTIRE SIDEWALK.  Do not all walk in a horizontal line long enough to play a game of red rover with.  If you must all walk next to each other, either walk on the grass or split off into smaller groups.  Everyone else thanks you.

Next are the etiquette rules for people who take the bus around campus.

  1. Get off of your cell phone.  No one wants to hear your conversation about where Britney Spears is vacationing at now.
  2. If you are listening to your MP3 player… keep the volume at a normal level.  If the person in the front of the bus can hear the new Fall Out Boy song that you’re listening to, it’s too loud.
  3. WAIT FOR EVERYONE TO GET OFF OF THE BUS BEFORE YOU TRY TO GET ONTO THE BUS.  Seriously, the bus isn’t going anywhere, you do not need to get onto it this second.
  4. The final bus rule is for all of the big bag holders out there.  If the bus is empty, your bag can have it’s own seat.  If it is getting full, take your bag off of the seat so someone can sit there.  I don’t care if it’s a Coach bag… put it on the floor.

to be continued…


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